Collections and Exhibitions


What can you see in the Courthouse?

Permanent collection

There are items from our permanent collection that are to do with the running of a courthouse and Jail in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, others that reflect the diverse economic activities of the town. There are information panels that explain different activities in the history of the town, from fishing to rope making, trials to prison food, the courthouse clock to lifeboat call outs. There are objects that reflect the religious, social and cultural life in a busy small port. You can see collections of coins, some dating from medieval times. The museum is small but it’s pack with interest.


Temporary exhibitions

As well as the permanent collections the museum hosts temporary exhibitions every year. Some of these have been about topical issues (such as 'Cinema in Cromarty') some were commemorations of past events (such as, 'World War 1 in Cromarty and Resolis').


The current temporary exhibition is on 'Coastal Cromarty.'


Past exhibitions have included:

World War 1 in Cromarty and Resolis

Cromarty Mudlarks (a poem written by a Cromarty soldier during the Frist World War)

Sir Thomas Urquhart (This was done in 2011 to celebrate 400th anniversary of his birth)

Cromarty and Slavery (originally from 2007 to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the African slave trade, it includes a downloadable walk around sites in Cromarty with connections to slavery)

Cinema in Cromarty which went on display in the build up to the opening of Cromarty's new Cinema on the Links

2013 Exhibitions


Special projects

We occasionally run specail projects in collaboration with other groups locally.  The most recent was a collaboration with three you artists in Cromarty which lead to a beautiful exhibition called The Sea Inside.  Their work involved participation from many Cromarty residents - the outcome is well worth a look.



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